Physical Appointment T&C's

Congratulations on wanting to book your SILQ FINISH appointment we can not wait to SLAY you.

If you are yet to book your appointment please use the 'Book Now' in blue in the top left hand corner.


How to use our booking service: 

We provide mobile hair services in London, Kent, Luton, Hertfordshire, Liverpool, Preston, Manchester, Birmingham and Coventry.

We also provide mobile services in Nigeria, Lagos.

On top left hand corner in a blue 'Book Now' button. You will be directed to the services we offer. You can then select from the areas we cover and where you are located. 

You will then pay for the travel cost which can range from £20-30 depending on your location. 

If in Lagos transportation fees will be sent to you via email and you will be requested to pay our stylist directly.

Once you have picked your preferred date and provided us with your order number you are all set and good to go. We will prepare your hair for your appointment and show up at the time you have picked. Simple ey

Hair Ordered:

Our stylist will come along with the hair you ordered. Please ensure you provide your order number when booking your appointment. 

Your Physical Appointment will include: 

- Bleaching Knots 

- Plucking the hairline

- Baby Hairs (if required) 

- Installation of the wig which will involve glue (We will be using Bold Hold and Got2Be Glue)

 (please advise if you have any known allergies or restrictions against the use of the products named above or any other glue or products used during installation services) 

Our stylist will come in a black salon uniform top and will come with all the necessary equipment.  So you do not have to worry about a thing.


Our stylist may want to take pictures of the SÏLQ FINISH look and it could be featured across our social media platforms and for promotional use. If you would not like this to be taken please inform them on the day and they will respect your wishes. 


We would love to know how our stylist has done and you may be contacted after your appointment to provide us with some feedback regarding our services, this is to assist growth and development within our team. 

Covid-19 Protection: 

In line with the government guidelines, our stylist will ensure that they do all they can to keep you safe and we also expect for you to do the same. Our stylist will come wearing a mask/screen cover, have hand sanitizers and ensure they wash their hands frequently during the appointment as and when appropriate.  

 We politely ask that you follow the same procedures and wear a mask during your appointment to protect both you and our stylist. 


Please inform us if you have any pets due to potential allergies our stylists may have and in such cases please can you ensure your pets are kept safe in another room. 


Could you please let us know if there are any restrictions as to parking in your area. You can do this by sending an email to


Could you please let us know if you have a low hairline or a regular hairline?


And the fun bit for last, we hope you used our order system confirming your style and preference to your new Sïlq wig. 


If you need to cancel your appointment, please ensure that you contact us as soon as possible. There may be a charge for late cancellations. 

We can not wait to slay you, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 


Enjoy :)