How to Cut your SILQMÏST Lace Front Wig in 4 Steps

How to Cut a Lace Front Wig in 4 Steps
Lace front wigs are perfect for getting that natural hairstyle you love. The lace is designed to blend in with your skin tone so that it essentially disappears. And since the lace has small holes, it keeps the air flowing through the unit and your scalp for a nice, comfortable wear.
Lace front wigs come with a large lace strip that extends over the forehead. This helps to pull the wig on but isn’t needed once you want to wear the wig out of the house.
Cutting lace front wigs is a quick and easy way to prep your unit for installation. With just a few simple steps and a couple tools, you can customise the lace front to blend in seamlessly with your hairline. Follow these steps on how to cut a lace wig and get just the look you want!
Pluck Before You Cut
Before we get into the details of how to cut your lace front wig, we need to have a quick convo about plucking and wig customisation. People pluck wigs because they tend to have a very straight hairline that appears unnatural.
Plucking the baby hairs on your lace front wig creates a more natural look that mimics your hairline.
Although, some wigs come pre-plucked, saving you precious time. However, you may want to check that the plucking looks good with your hairline. Place the unit on your head to see how it looks and make any additional plucks where you think are necessary.
On the other hand, for wigs that don’t come pre-plucked, here are a couple of tips for plucking your wig;
1) Place the wig on your head or preferably a wig head and pluck out the hairs to create a natural hairline.
2) Make sure you don’t pull the lace, as it can tear.
3) Typically, the hair is thinner looking along the hairline so make sure your plucks reduce the density of hair along your forehead to appear less bulky.
4) It might help to take a photo before plucking and then during plucking to see if you’ve reached your desired hairline.
How to Cut a Lace Wig:
* Use the Right Tools:
Cutting a lace front wig is not very difficult. However, it is important to have a few good tools. You don’t need all of these, but if you have them, they will help you get the best possible cut:
* Scissors or a razor: You can use a sharp pair of everyday scissors to give you more controlled cuts. Some people prefer razors because they feel like they create a jagged, natural line. Whatever you choose, make sure they are sharp to prevent tears.
* Clips: Have a few large hair clips to pull back the hair from your face before cutting.
* Rattail comb or tool with a long, pointed end: This isn’t essential, but it can help to part the hair away from your ears and face for more accurate cuts.
* Wig head: This comes down to personal preference. Some people like cutting when the wig is on the wig head; some prefer to have it on their own head.
* Measuring tape: Only needed if you’re going to create a cutting line.
Now that you’ve got the prep and tools ready, let’s get down to the 4 essential steps for how to cut a lace front wig:
  1. Place the Unit on Your Head 
  • To begin, place the wig on your head and pull it forward so the wig hairline is just slightly in front of your natural hairline. The lace part should extend past your natural hairline by a couple of inches.
  • Secure the unit so it doesn’t slide while cutting, making sure the lace hairline is flat, just as it would be when installing. Use adjustable straps to secure it to your head.
  • Pull wig hair back from your face and clip it.
  1. Cut Off the Ear Tabs 
  • Use the pointy end of a comb or other tool to part the hair just above your ear.
  • Pin up the hair and leave a small tab of the wig over the ear.
  • Use scissors to cut around the shape of your ear and remove the tab you cut off, which helps the wig to lay flat when cutting and for install.
  1. Draw a Cutting Line 
One of the best tips for cutting a lace front wig is to create a line as a guide. Some people choose not to do this, but it can prevent cutting too much off.
  • Take a measuring tape and place the end on the hairline.
  • Measure 1/8 inch between the hair in the unit and where you want to cut.
  • Place a dot on the lace at the 1/8 inch mark in a few places on the lace.
  • Draw a line that connects the dots.
  1. Cut the Lace 
  • Place the unit on your head or the wig head.
  • Make small cuts towards the hairline where you made the dots on the lace. This creates small sections, which are easier to cut and prevents snags or overly jagged edges.
  • Slowly cut each section along the hairline, pulling the lace taut to avoid accidentally cutting into the hairline.
  • Try to avoid cutting perfectly straight lines, as they can look less natural.

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